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The Pearl Snap Shirt - One year on...

As we introduce the Pearl snap shirt in new 8oz denim and restock some favourites we thought we'd give you a brief run down of why we created the shirt in the first place.

The Pearl Snap shirt by Jake's features

Six button front.

Soft collar.

Two pleat cuff.

Double Flap Pockets.

Front and rear western style yokes.

Open inverted pleat.

Durable pearl snap fastenings.

Traditional breezy fit.

Shaped hem.

Questions by Josh Fox, answers by Jake Wigham

Photographs by Cedric Bardawil

Why did you choose the western shirt?

I’ve always thought of the western shirt as an important piece of classic menswear and a wardrobe staple. Every one I tried, vintage or otherwise was never quite right for me. When creating my interpretation I wanted to keep our signature full fit and collar shape and added subtle and classic details from a few various source reference western shirts.

Do you think historical context and purpose is important when choosing a shirt to recreate or is it purely aesthetic?

If I’m honest I’m not about to jump on a horse and wrangle some buffalo so I’d say no. I like the idea of the shirt being rooted in purpose and history in a similar way to a button down shirt but I made this purely for selfish reasons as I really wanted a shirt of this style for myself!

Is it a style of shirt you've been planning for a long time or a recent spark of inspiration?

I’ve wanted to interpret this style of shirt for some time. I’ve always admired friends denim shirts and work shirts and knew I needed one for myself. It did take me a while to finalise all the details on this one and make sure it was a solid and functional representation. I was always a button down guy but I find myself reaching for a pearl snap these days more often than not.

Is there a reason you've called it a pearl snap shirt instead of a western?

I feel the term western almost makes it sound reminiscent of costume. I wouldn’t want anyone to be put off by thinking that this is cowboy wear because it totally isn’t. I feel like a shirt this style can be worn in almost any situation these days, in a similar vein to the button down, it can easily be dressed up or down. Hell, Ralph even wore them with a dinner jacket!


The Pearl snap button shirt is available in

Navy Chambray (back in stock)

Indigo Chambray (back in stock)

Red Chambray

8oz Denim (new)

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