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I wish my other shirts were this fun!

Fun Shirt modelled by Niyu-Juwon Osiyemi. All photography by Alex Natt. Illustrations by Josh Fox and Kate Costigan.

We are excited to introduce the new Jake’s x Thomas Mason Fun Shirt, made using the finest quality Italian poplin fabric from Thomas Masons Downing collection. A robust yet silky handle, this fabric is sure to last a lifetime.

The ultimate weekend shirt, whether you’re off to the pub or an exhibition this shirt is perfect to accompany good times. It may seem bold to the more conservative dresser but I can assure you that this shirt is very wearable, it pairs nicely with casual and more dressed up looks. 

These shirts have been modelled off the 70s Brooks Brothers fun shirt, a modern classic and a rare to find vintage garment. 

The story goes that Brooks Brothers’ vice president was visiting one of their workshops when he came across a shirt made from off-cuts and scraps that were repurposed by a shirtmaker in training. These shirts would be used as a test run for shirt patterns and styles. The Brooks Brothers executive fell in love with the bright asymmetric styling and immediately ordered production of the "Fun Shirt". The rest is history.

(Middle) Illustration source: Brooks Brothers

For this limited edition shirt we will make these shirts exclusively in the Thomas Mason Downing collection. A super smooth poplin that has silky light touch with the strength characteristics of cotton. The bold and rich colours are a testament to the quality of the fabric.

Thomas Mason has been making impeccable top of the range fabrics for the best tailors and shirt-makers since their inception in 1796. They still weave their cloth the traditional English way but by their craftsmen in Italy.

Downing, named after the street in Westminster, appropriately lends its name to a series of powerful and business-like stripes in 120/2 warp and 70/1 weft, with a luminous appearance and a soft and full-bodied handle.



  • YARN COUNT: 120/2-70/1

  • WEIGHT: 118/126

All shirts will be cut and crafted by Albert and Jake in their Soho workshop.

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