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The Explorer Shirt: All others Palin comparison

The newly released Explorer Shirt is inspired by mine and Photographer Alex Natt's appreciation of intrepid Explorer, Writer, Director and Comedian extraordinaire Sir Michael Palin. After Monty Python, Michael spent his time exploring the world with a TV crew, documenting cultures seldom seen by the British public.

One constant in his ever changing environment was his button down shirt seen below in the series "Around The World In 80 Days". One of many documentaries released around our childhood that inspired us to travel to see the vibrant cultures and communities around the world, a far-cry from our grey British surroundings. Wherever Michael Palin went his Oxford Cotton Button-down always had his back.

Pal and inspiration Alex has since traveled the world himself, exploring different countries to capture their beauty and identity. Every purchase of an Explorer shirt comes with a limited edition postcard of Alex's photographs from his travels.


I have been commissioned a few times for an explorer style shirt with its welcoming pockets with an inverted box pleat that is cozy for wallets, phones and accessories to make exploring the city or traveling a little more breezy and practical. After seeing the shirt stand up to many continents, I have decided to reimagine and release the timeless shirt in our in signature Jake's style. this Includes the 5 pleat cuff, 6 button placket, traditional single stitch tailoring and unfuzed construction.


The first Explorer shirts to be released will be in our strong yet breathable Oxford cotton in white and pale blue, most suited for the summer months ahead and durable for all year round adventures.

Explore the explorer shirts:

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